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  • Searching For Orphaned Mum’s Family #CJsPI

    Victoria’s mother passed some years ago after spending her entire life trying to find her birth mother. Other than knowing her grandfather was in the American Armed Forces but disappeared when he found out about the pregnancy, Victoria is in the dark about her mother’s life and is desperate for answers…

  • Nic Westaway Plays The Google Game

    We know Nic Westaway as one of the River Boys from Summer Bay, but it turns out he's nothing but a big sweetie!

  • What Does A 'Normal' Vagina Look Like?

    Maybe we feel funny about vaginas because they are hidden in our pants and are only something we see when we go to the loo, have a shower or ‘make love’. But the fact is that half of the world’s population have one and we would be rather stuffed without them.

  • Dancing With The Stars Judge Kym Johnson

    Kym Johnson from Dancing With The Stars reveals what it was like working on the American version (including winning 2 seasons!) and we get her thoughts on the hot mess that is Mark Holden